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Question and Answer Session: Dated: 30th May 2010, Venue: Rohini, New Delhi.

Participants of Que. and Ans. Session
Courtesy :Shakehand with Life

Topic of the Discussion

  • Women's Reservation Bill
  • Marriages : Intercastes or in Same Caste
Programme’s Motives:
  • Right way of Questioning and Answering.
  • Team work and coordination.
  • Understanding the value of discussion.
  • Inducing the public speaking ability in participants.
  • Reducing hesitation and shyness of speaking.
  • Understanding the value of corporate social responsibility as a management professional through discussing such type of social problems.
  • Generating Leadership skills.
  • Increasing self confidence
Management professional who are working in different corporate sector and students of management programme in distance education were participated in the event organized by Narender Sharma owner manager and blogger Shakehand with Life
All the professional divide in two teams, 
Team Bonfire
(Team Leader : Arti Mishra)
Participants of Team Bonfire Preparing Their
Que. and Ans.
Shakehand with Life
     Team Leo
     (Team Leader : Surender Pal Bhanmri)
Participants of Team Leo listening the Que. raised by
Team Bonfire
Courtesy :Shakehand with Life
The participants of team Bonfire first raised four questions concerned to the women’s reservation bill and participants of the team Leo were try to answer the questions of team Bonfire.
After answer the question of team Bonfire, the team Leo raised the questions concerned to the Women’s Reservation Bill and team Bonfire try to answer the question of team Leo.
Similarly they discussed the 2nd topic which was, Marriages: Inter caste or same caste?
After question and answer by the two teams the conclusion was drawn with help of trainer.
Women’s Reservation Bill.
Conclusion: There have been so many bills passed since independence or before, for the security and rights for the women but most of the bills are unable to improve the poor condition of the women who belongs to underprivileged situations. There is strict law and provision of harsh punishment for a person who rapes a women, but still there are about 212 cases of rape registered only in Delhi area till may month of 2010( Source Times of India , Delhi) . Dowry death is still continuing, where as the law against the dowry was passed in 1961. Female child abortion is still going on whereas the law against sex selection was passed in 1994. And in some villages of Haryana the sex ratio is 370 and 400 female on 1000 male. So in such a critical situation of the women, who will be the beneficiary of this women’s reservation bill? To whom this bill benefits even the opportunities of take birth of female child is very low? This Bill might increase the difference between male and female. As other reservation bill creates the caste difference so as the this bill might creates the gender difference between a male and female and quite possible that this bill will benefit those women who are living in high political environment and already flourished condition and don’t want to have a girl child in her home. So the conclusion of the session is if we want to empower the women, than with an honest political will the work should be done on grass root level. We have to give the opportunity of taking birth to girl child in every home. Love the women with respect. She must get secure, safe and free environment where she share equal opportunity of work, education, property and love of the parents with his male counterpart. If the things will change like this, it might be possible that we won’t need any reservation bill for the women.
Marriages: Inter caste or same caste?
Conclusion: Today the scenario of the marriages are changes very rapidly. Fast and busy life of the youth who come out of their homes and working in different corporate sector for long working hours. Male and female working force is continuously interacting with each other. In such type of environment the feeling generation for each other is quite natural. They don’t concern about the caste of their male or female counterpart. They want to come into a defined relationship and live their life happily. Along with this both the teams agree on this fact , that both the partners must take their parents into confidence so that if there is chance of any miss happening or a position of break in the relationship then that could be handle by the elders of the partners. Above all there is need of time that love should be arranged in marriages rather to have typical arrange or love marriages whether the marriages are happen in the same caste or inter caste it hardly matters.

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