Friday, September 3, 2010

Teachers are Human Engineers

“The value of education is not the learning of many facts but the training of mind to think about the things that cannot be learnt from the textbooks.”

These lines were commented by the great scientist “Albert Einstein” on Thomas Edison’s opinion that a college education is useless in 1921. 

Meaning of the above lines reflect that education is not mere imparting the textbooks knowledge but it develop the mind so that it can be able to understand the things which are happening in our daily life and the consequences of  present event in the future life. There is an urgent need of trainers who can provide the training to the mind and these trainers are today’s teachers who are imparting the knowledge in current education system. So in my view, in current education system the biggest change that can be made is to change the thought process of teachers. Teachers should treat themselves   “Human Engineers” as only teachers works with the mind of the students. Teachers are those in which the students have faith more than their parents because Teacher introduces the students to the different concepts of life. He induces the confidence in the students standing alone on their feet in the society. It is the teacher who know, how question of the students be pacify. A teacher tell the student that a simple point or dot if place before a number make that number less than one no matter how big the number is.
If a college has the world class infrastructure but not the teacher who cannot able to understand the minds of the students then no doubt the college will give underdeveloped citizens to the society. Without infrastructure a student can learn the lesson but without teacher a student cannot learn anything. This can be understood from the story of Eklavya who learnt the art of Archery by just making the statue of   Dronacharya without having infrastructure like pandavs.
On this day of honor for the teachers I pay my tribute to all those teachers who taught me in anyway and make me able to understand the different concepts of life. 
In near future a teacher would be regarded as “Human Engineer” rather a simple teacher.
       :-)   Happy Teacher’s Day   :-)