Thursday, December 30, 2010

Happy New year 2011

I hereby wish A very
"Happy New Year 2011"
to my all readers who always give the support and courage to me to write something innovative and interesting. Life is full of challenges and each challenge come with a new opportunity infact a new beginning. So the Year 2011 is coming with new challenges with new opportunities. Ready to face these challenges with courage and grab the opportunities waiting for you.Welcome this year with open arms, forget the bad things of the Year 2010, use the experiences of past and make your future bright with your own hands. Year 2011 will become more beautiful if we make it. Make a resolution to spread the Love, Peace and Prosperity in the world. Make another resolution to make each effort to save our environment. It is the urgent need for human kind that they understand that our environment is getting disturbed due to extra pollution, rising demand of luxury in daily life, extra use of natural resources of earth and rising population. If we do not pay our attention to these environmental issues I fear to say the fiction shown in the movies "Day after tomorrow" and "2012" may become reality. Spread the voice to everyone regarding environmental issues. Discuss the matter as a serious concern at your home , your office , in your friend circle. Make a light holiday at your home on weekly or  monthly basis, this will save energy consumption and so in reducing the heating effect. Don't think what will happen by just of you , in fact it will happen if only you will do, feel that you are the unit of this environment and you are responsible for every act which support or harm this environment directly or indirectly.

I have made my resolution. Have you?  

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