Saturday, February 26, 2011

Cracking start of Indian Cricket Team confirm the hopes to win the World Cup

19th feb. 2011 when Indian cricket team came into the ground against the Bangladesh, the intentions were clear and at the end of the match Indian cricket team had shown that the intentions were not the bubbles of water. With a huge score against Bangladesh by the Indian team clear that with what motive they enter into the world cup championship. Virender Sehwag's 175 runs , century of Virat Kohli proved that the batting order is very tough to wicket down for any of the team playing in the world cup. Dhoni brigade will not leave any stone unturned to pickup the world cup. The team strength is very high at every corner of the game. Along with all these they do not want that the legend batsman who belongs to Indian team will go without this honour. Still so many things the Dhoni brigade has to be worked out. They must prepare their strategy according to the opponent team. First match was against the Bangladesh , but they have to mesh up with some teams which also have the strong potential  to pick up the world cup. In their first match, Bangladesh clear that whether they will pick the world cup or not but they have enough potential to make great change in the world cup. In 1983, It was the first time when Indian team kissed the world cup trophy, after that not only the Indian team but every Indian is looking towards the world cup trophy. Cricket is not the game in India  it is the religion  for every Indian. More than 100 billion people have waiting for the trophy since 1983. All expectations are on the shoulders of the Indian team. This team has the potential to pick the trophy and I strongly believe in the strength of Indian team. No one can stop this team to pick the world cup this time.

I wish All the Best for  Indian team.

Comments are welcome for the support of Indian team.

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