Saturday, February 5, 2011

Love: A sense of Responsibility

These three magical words always increase the heartbeats of listener no matter which sex he/she belongs to.From the evolution of life  love is most common trait of a human and it identifies the humanity in a human being. It is the connection between two people by means of which they come close to each other and commit for caring each other's feelings for rest of their life's. But is it enough to say that "I Love You"  to someone whom you are thinking that you are in love with him or her? I think no, it's not enough as before to say "I Love You" to someone a person should take the responsibility of   care, happiness of the person whom he/ she is going to approach.

Let's understand the responsibility of love. 

A new born baby who do not know from whom the baby belongs to but a lady from whom the baby actually belongs when she hug the baby in her arms, the baby always feel secure. I think that boundary of arms is best place where a new born baby  feel the sense of security and rest carelessly. But when the baby finds unknown touch, start crying. So here the love is a sense of security and the lady is taking the responsibility of care and happiness of newborn.

Some people merge the love with sex and believe that ultimately the sex is the end result of love. I would like to address such kind of people that no doubt sex is one aspect of love and it is the fourth basic need of human body following with food , shelter , and cloth. But merging sex with love is the irresponsible behaviour. If they think so then  having sex  with  wife and prostitute and committing  a rape is same thing. If the responsibility has withdrawn from the intimate relationship of husband and wife then it automatically comes in the category of sex with the prostitute and rape. Here the love is a sense of responsibility.

Hence the love is a boundary where a person feel secure and rest in a peaceful manner and who pretending of love must take the responsibility of his act. I hope you must heard the story of Saint Valentine. In 270 AD the Emperor of Rome , Claudius II has issued an edict forbidding marriages. His logic for this was "Married men are poor soldiers as they emotionally attached with their families." But in against of Claudius, Saint Valentine meet the lovers and made their marriages at hidden places. For this, Valentine thrown into jail and awarded death sentence. So Valentine took the responsibility to live the love even he had to sacrificed his own life. A Soldier who guards us on boundaries also loves the people of his country and paying the greater responsibility than a common person and sometime he sacrifice his life to prove that his love for the country has great importance than love for his family.

So if you are going to say someone on this valentine day 

then understand the responsibility of love and commit yourself for him or her. 

Love you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Shakehand with Life 
Narender Sharma

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Val Mckie said...

Thank you Narender. What you have said makes perfect sense and a great antidote for those who confuse loving with being loved