Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I am here because she was there.....................

When I used to fear in darkness she  grabbed  me in her arms and I felt this is the safest place in the world and never try to look out side the boundary of the arms. She prepared the food of my choice for me so that I could not sleep without eating food. She sung a  song and very gently combed my hairs and I got sleep forgot everything about rest of the world. She is still stand with me for caring me. Sometime my conscious completely shaken with this thought that if even by mistake she refused to deliver me because of unbearable pain of delivery then how could I able to see this beautiful world. She was my mother who took me into this world and provided me the safest place in the world in form of her arms. 

When my pocket money had finished and I had left with blank pockets and I feared asked for more money from my father she gave me her part of pocket money. She was my sister who gave her part to fulfill my needs of that time she played with me with my choice of game and left herself loose the game for my win. She completed my homework in my copy so that I would not have punished in the class for next day.

She made me correct when I had made mistakes. She punished me for my faults. She praise my work in whole class. Sometime when I didn't understand things she came to me and made me understand according to my mental capabilities. She was my teacher.

She shared her lunch box with me. When I was absent in the class she made proxy for me. She did sit down  along with me when I used to full of frustration and no solution was coming into my mind she told me "Forget dear, everything will be all right." Her cheerful smile filled my life with blossoms and I forget everything which made me tense. A positive energy had come into me. She became motivation for me. She was my friend.

One day a beautiful lady with cheering smile will come in my life with strong commitment to live with me for rest of my life. When she will smile, lakhs of flowers will fall on earth and  whole environment filled with scent of these flowers. She will care me in my old days and listen to me when everybody avoid  me because of old age. She will be my  wife.  

She is a mother , She is a sister , She is a friend , She is a teacher and no doubt She will be a wife but above all  She was or She is or She will be a women. Let's celebrate today (8th March International Women's Day),  for her ability of  taking a life in this world, her caring attitude, her loving nature , her friendship behavior , her divinity , and for her dignity as a women.

Spread the word and celebrate the day.

Shakehand with Life
Narender Sharma

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Anonymous said...

Hi Mr Sharma, It is realy tuching for me ........after reading there are some tears in my ey's, some thing is very true in that blog.......thanks for writting .......Keep rocking and writing