Friday, March 4, 2011

MBA : Regular vs Distance mode

Often the students in my class ask me a very common question, " Is regular MBA superior than the MBA through distance mode?" The question is very relevant if it is considered as career point of view. A student who enrolled in MBA programme no doubt he is looking for bright future for him/her and after the study of two years if he or she not getting the right opportunity then what is the benefit of MBA.The two year which he or she would have been going to spent for making his or her career never came again as the time can not be rewind.The organizations are asking  for the cream which is supposed to be prepared only in highly paid management institutions.So if it is true then the management programmes running in the different study centers through distance mode under various universities have no relevancy in making career of students? And if all cream is producing in the regular programme then why so many students who have completed their MBA through these regular colleges are not getting equal opportunities? I think the problem not lies with mode of MBA programme but it lies with the  treatment a student is getting in the institution. To get admission in the renowned management institution and payment of hefty amount of fees does not make guarantee of highly paid career. This depend upon the candidate's personality development  according to the current market condition in which he/she is going to sell himself or herself. During last  the few years the market trends have been very unpredictable. A complicated situation has been always rising in front of the organization related to the investment in a new projects, customer handling, production planning , new product development, running ahead from its competitors , retaining the existing customers along with new customer generation etc. These challenges are facing  by almost every organization in now  days. So , organization are looking for a candidate who can be able to face these challenges in a dynamic manner and finding out the solution for these problems. Initially it might possible that a candidate get paid low amount of salary but if the candidate succeed to prove his/her potential in the organization then he/ she will get desired amount of money and perks and it hardly matter whether a candidate is belong to an institution which runs a regular or distance mode of MBA programme.
                           Another most important reason of getting famous of distance mode of MBA programmes is that most of the professional who are working for different corporate organization, they did not able to complete their eduction through regular mode whatever might be the reason and  now they want to complete their management  degree through distance mode along with their jobs for getting promotion or sometime organization wants to upgrade the status of its employees. In India the growing industrial culture creates  a huge demand of management professionals and it is not possible for the regular mode of institution to meet the demand alone. So at the second front the distance mode of education in providing the management eduction is becoming necessary and it growing fast. It also full filling the  commitment of education at doorstep policy through study centers.  
                                Now question arises how to choose a right kind of management institution?The answer is first inquire about the institution through prospectus,what kind of infrastructure it has? How many faculties are there? How many corporates visiting there to discussing the case studies or contact classes? Ask the status of the institute from their existing students? Administration of the institution? How  many  weekly or monthly  educational  seminars, training programmes are organizing? What kind of study material are they providing? What is the frequency of personality development programmes? 
                                                 The above question are very important for finding a right kind of management institution for you. Consider these questions before taking admission in any institution and take admission in your choice of institution and be ready for hard work because distance mode of education does not mean to preparing the tea at your home. It also require the  hard work and intention of becoming a good quality of management professional then it might be possible that the students stop thinking that regular MBA is superior than distance mode MBA.

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