Thursday, March 31, 2011

Team India.......! Go ahead and kiss the world cup!

I already mention my earlier blog (Cracking start of Indian cricket team )for the Indian team that with what intentions the Dhoni brigade had entered in the world cup tournament. Now the team India has arrived at a situation where it seems that no one can stop it to Kiss the world cup 2011. From the beginning  the experts are saying that this team has enough potential to lift the world cup because it has the captain like M.S.Dhoni who had shown his caliber in odd circumstances. He looks cool in every situation and able to maintain the integrity of the team. He very well knows how should every player be used and where he should be used. He takes every member along with him. The batting department of the Indian team no doubt is the main strength of the team especially the legend Sachin Tendulker and explosive Sehwag who disturb the line and length of the bowler of any opponent team easily. In middle order Yuvraj Singh is backbone of the Indian batting along with Suresh Raina , Virat Kohli , Gautam Gambhir, and M.S. Dhoni. But the main point where the expert always put their finger is the bowling and fielding area. But in Mohali against Pakistan team India proved that they have improved in both department potentially and result came in favor of Indian team due to these two areas i.e. bowing and fielding . The team has been improved game by game in both areas.  Now after beating the Pakistan in semifinal the Indian team is just a step away to kiss the world cup and fill the eyes of 1.20 billion people with full of joy and the pride of holding the world in the hands of an  Indian and being a part of this honor. 
So , The Team India,  the time has come when you have to pick the world cup in your hands and kiss it. Every Indian is along with you. Do not miss the chance to feel the honor of this unforgettable moments by every Indian.     

So , Team India.........! Go ahead and kiss the world cup!

Shakehand with Life
Narender Sharma

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