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Personality of person is same as an engine for a train.

Personality is always been a matter of curiosity among the students, engineers, managers and the persons who want to achieve something more from their life. A question is always keep them in tension  what kind of personality the successful people carry? No doubt it is your personality which represents you in your society , in your organization , in the country and in the world. So the personality is the key element in the success for a person to achieve a level of dignity. Personality decides the status of person. Personality represent the working behavior. Personality describes you completely. Hence the personality works for a person like an engine for a train which pulls the train in a defined direction to reach on a specific destination with halt on passage for few moments which confirms the secure movement of the train so that no accident could happen during the movement. The engine ensure all these. So the design and capacity of pulling the train that how maximum  speed a  train can attain with smooth run on the track and the time taken to cover the distance, but an amazing fact is that we never call the name of engine , we always call the name of train even the truth is lies with in the engine. Same way the personality works for a person. The design i.e. the physical appearance and the capacity i.e. the physical or mental capacity decide that how soon a person reach his destination.

Factors of Personality
Personality mainly depends on two factors named as

  • Internal Factors : These factors are associated with a successful personality and all these lies internally in a human being. All  these factors are very much responsible for  success of a person. If a person want to achieve something in his life he has to carry all these factors internally. No one was great before came into the world. He made himself great by developing all these factors. Albert Einstein was a dyslexic child but he was the greatest scientist of the world , in fact, few scientist told about him that he was the standard of greatness. Few internal factors are mentioned below which are the ornaments of a great personality.
  1. Leadership skills
  2. Attitude
  3. Right direction
  4. Hardwork
  5. Persistence
  6. Self confidence 
  7. Communication skills 
  8. Learning attitude 
  9. Idea execution/ Conversion capacity of an idea into reality
  10. Risk calculation ability
  11. Listening capacity
  12. Analytical behavior
  13. Logical thinking
  14. Problem solving attitude
  15. Patience
  16. Serving Nature
I would like to explain few of above mentioned  internal factors one by one.

Leadership skills : This is the most prominent factor for a successful personality. Leadership skills decide the direction of your movement , wins the faith of others, ready to sacrifice , ready to  take initiatives are few traits which related to this skill . Leadership contribute maximum to make a great personality. Whatever you do, do with right attitude with good intention , which will benefit to you as well as your society and followers but it will not harm a single person.

Attitude : Attitude is one of the great attribute of the personality. The success highly depends on the attitude of the person. Attitude means how you are considering the things. Like a knife can cut a finger as well as ladyfinger its upon you how you use it. It makes you harm and make you enjoy totally depends on your attitude.

Right Direction : Before choosing the right direction your efforts will give you two things the taste of failure and  a new direction. Until you get the right direction you have to ready to face the failures. Every failure give a chance of learning new things. As soon as you get the right direction your journey towards the success starts.

Hardwork : Success always demands very sincere efforts. Its very true that no shortcuts for success. You must pay hardwork to achieve your success. Remember no building has built without the hardwork of mason.

Persistence : It is very rare that you may get your target in first attempt so in that case you have to ready for second attempt if not get then for third and for next and till that you do not get your target. This is called persistence of effort or continuous effort. You would have seen a carpenter who hit the nail many times to insert it into the board some time the nail inserted in first attempt sometime it take two , three or many more attempts but at last the carpenter insert the nail into the board.

Self confidence : Do whatever you want to do, do it with full confidence think that you are doing the right thing   don't think what will be result ? If you have good intentions and the way you are executing the things the results will automatically come in your favor. Believe in yourself and do everything with full confidence.

Communication Skills : Few of my students are always feel that a if person expertise in speaking a particular  language then he/she has good communication skills. I would like to correct that language is just the means of expression of your thoughts but communication skills related with the way you are expressing your thoughts. Sometime sign language is used for communication. So communication skill is way with which how maximum you express your thoughts towards other and how much the other person understand you exactly.

Learning Attitude : This is another traits which make your personality more impressive and push towards the success. Observe the person whom you feel is very impressive, and try to learn the way by he represents himself then try to make change in yourself according to your environment and challenges you are facing.

Idea Execution/Conversion capacity of your Idea into reality: Every person have dreams but a very few has a capacity to convert their dreams into reality. This conversion capacity is also called Idea execution. How much part of your dream you make fulfill is the conversion capacity of your. e.g. Sometime multiple thoughts are coming into your mind but only few come out from your mouth this is the conversion capacity by virtue of you convert your thought into your speech.

Risk calculation ability : A successful personality always calculate the risk of his future acts so that he will get minimum damage if things go wrong or go out of control. This will ensure the success of a person at minimum cost.

Rest of the traits like listening capacity , analytical behavior ,  logical thinking etc are also the part of internal factors of a successful personality.

  • External Factors : These factors represents you externally. Before considering your internal factors of your personality anyone might be considers you with your outer personality. Your outer personality depends on the following factors 
  1. Healthy Physique
  2. Dressing sense
  3. Walking style
  4. Gestures 
  5. Smiling face
  6. Twinkling eyes
Internal factor are no doubt more responsible to achieve success in life but external factor are also contribute a lot.
As we all know that a healthy body has a healthy mind and all internal factors are depends of the state of mind, so a person must be conscious about his health and physiques , He has to do regular exercise to stay fit and healthy. He must know on what occasion which kind of dress suits him , where he/she carry casual and where he/she carry formal. Along with this a person should be walk gently and confidently not arrogantly. He should show good gestures.  Always carry a smile on his/her lips , remember a smile which cost nothing makes you more beautiful than to wear lipstick. A smile solve many problems. Always has the twinkle of win in your eyes.        

So if you want to be successful personality in your community , in your country , and in the world then first identify yourself , do your SWOT analysis i.e. identify your Strength , Weaknesses , Opportunities , and Threats then improve your  internal and external factors accordingly. Ready  to discuss things with other ready to accept other Ideas. Love the humanity. Love the people. I am sure one day you will realize your dreams.

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