Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sonakshi Sinha and Nagraj Manjule inaugurated the National Film Festival in New Delhi.

The National film festival screening the best films announced for year 2010 has been started since dated June17, 2011, in New Delhi , Venue Siri Fort Auditorium. The festival was inaugurated by famous actress SONAKSHI SINHA who worked in DABANGG , the film awarded as Best Popular Film Providing Wholesome Entertainment, and NAGRAJ MANJULE who debut as a director with his film PISTULYA , the film got special mention award and NAGRAJ MANJULE awarded as best debut direction for his film. The festival will be going on for a month up to July 16, 2011 and show all national awarded films. Entry is free for everyone. 
On June 17, 2011 the programme was started by a few minute late due to heavy rain. I also got wet but reach on time and able to capture the moments of inauguration. When the beautiful lady came in the auditorium everyone stood just taking the glimpse of gorgeous Sonakshi Sinha , Her beauty made everyone stunning and a pin drop silence was there. Just the flash of camera lights were blinking to capture the image of angle lady. Sonakshi worked in DABANGG and got appreciation from every class of audience for her beauty and  acting in the movie and got fame for her song "Tere Mast -2 do naiyn, mare dil ka le gaye chain....."  .She made the evening more beautiful and memorizing. Few picture which I had captured telling the story of inauguration.
Sonakshi Sinha coming in Auditorium
Courtesy : Shakehand with Life
The other person in the inauguration function who got the award as best debut director was NAGRAJ MANJULE for his movie PISTULYA. His very first effort is really appreciable for his movie which was based on a child who has penchant of study but her economical condition not allowed him to take on study. He got involved in crime but his desire of going school still persisting. The movie was awesome and  really demand the social attention that today in the 21st century, how the children are not able to attend  the school. A great effort be Nagraj Manjule.

Sonakshi Sinha and Nagraj Manjule with her left seat
Courtesy : Shakehand with Life

   Sonakhsi Sinha and Nagraj Manjule with her left seat
Courtesy : Shakehand with Life
Sonakshi Sinha enlighten inauguration flame
Courtesy : Shakehand with Life

Nagraj Manjule Sharing his experiences with audience
Courtesy : Shakehand with Life

First day two movies were screened PISTULYA (15 Min.) and DABANGG(2 hr 27min)
For details of other national award winning movies which will be going to screen during the festival can find Here 
I hope you will enjoy the movies.


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priyanka said...

very nice Artical. This is very Inspirable to see Nagraj Manjule with Sonakshi Sinha. Nagraj Manjule is Very great & simple, Personality.