Friday, June 17, 2011

Total Lunar Eclipse : Romance of two astronomical objects in the sky

June 15, 2011 The most unforgettable day of my life as I was the spectator of the Live Total Lunar Eclipse which was happening in the sky. It started at 11:52 PM. I was along with my camera to capture this rarely happening event and I think I would not get the chance to see this event again in my life as such kind of event happen only after a big gap of time. This was the darkest Lunar Eclipse of the century and clearly visible through naked eyes and that's why I was able to capture this beautiful event in my  camera. It was looking like earth is taking the moon under the shadow. The pictures which I captured are shown below the all romancing act of the two astronomical objects in the sky. The whole event had been going since 11:52 PM to 4:00AM aboout 4 hours. The below picture was taken at 11:47 PM , 15-06-2011, just before the Lunar Eclipse start ascending.

Picture Taken at 11:47 PM , 15-06-2011 before Lunar Eclipse
Before show  the picture of Lunar Eclipse I would like to explain the process of Lunar Eclipse. As we all know that Earth is revolve around the sun and the moon revolve around the earth. Now This astronomical event happened when the sun , earth and moon come in a straight line and shadow of earth cover the moon or we can say that moon passes under the shadow of the earth which become when earth restricted the sun rays. Below pictures show the whole event of  ascending of Total Lunar Eclipse.
Picture taken at 12:05 AM , 16-06-2011 first picture of Lunar Eclipse
Picture taken at 12:09 AM , 16-06-2011
Picture Taken at 12:16 AM , 16-06-2011
Picture taken at 12:20 AM , 16-06-2011
Picture taken at 12:23 AM 16-06-2011 
Picture taken at 12:33 AM , 16-06-2011, Half Moon covered by the shadow of  Earth
Picture taken at 12:53 AM , 16-06-2011, Only a small portion of  Moon visible 
After a few moment a small disk of Moon had to be visible
Moon under the shadow of Earth
After giving the glimpse of its small disk the Moon had disappear completely under the shadow of the Earth at 1:09 AM and it lasts up to 2:47 AM.

After at 2:48 AM the Moon had started visible again and the Lunar Eclipse started descending which you will be able to see in the following pictures.
Picture taken at 2:48AM,  16-06-2011, The starts rising 

Picture taken at 2:55AM, 16-06-2011, Portion of disk visible
Picture taken at 3:11 AM , 16-06-2011, Half Moon Reappears 
Picture Taken at  3:27 AM, 16-06-2011, Moon is about to come out from the shadow  of Earth
Picture taken at 4:00 AM , 16-06-2011, Complete Moon come out from the shadow of Earth
This whole astronomical event I had captured by my camera in the night. It was really very enjoying moments for me and also not forgettable. I will always feel proud for capturing these moments.

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