Friday, July 29, 2011

"Gandhi to Hitler" An effort to put two swords in same scabbard.

"Gandhi to Hitler" is the movie of last days of  Hitler who had a dream to win the whole world with his power. The movie is the effort of collection two philosophies which are always contradict each other. Hitler want to win the world with his power of force whereas the Gandhi ji want to win the whole world with peace and love and for which the India is known for. The two philosophies are simply contradictory to each other and the movie describes all about this. The last days of the Hitler during the end of second world war shown in a bunker and shows the frustration of loss. The character of Hitler is played by Raghuvir Yadav who completely justified the character with "Neha Dhupyia" who played his mistress and not leave him till his last moment. She played her character with full effort. An unwanted story is also added to the film about few Indian soldiers who went Germany  to fight against the Britishers  but they had to run to save their lives when the Nazi forces start surrender. The film describe how much you are powerful it all goes worthless if a single person feel the fear of your power when he comes in your boundary of power. If the power does not give the cover of security , fearlessness, and the person who take the power forget humanity and dignity for others that is the day where his downfall starts..........

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