Saturday, July 2, 2011

Why a customer must be served?

Three important investment of customer
Courtesy  Shakehand with Life
A customer who come to purchase some product or service he must be served with quality of service. It's  not because a seller needs to earn profit but the matter of fact is that a customer not only giving the money against the product or service but his time and effort are also involved in purchasing of product or service. Now the question is how? This can be explained here. First it is the need of the customer which urges him to purchase a product or a service so according to his need he decides to purchase a particular product/service after deciding about the shopping he goes to market and try different brands and when he stick to a particular brand he get ready to pay the money for it. In this whole process the customer invested his Time, Effort amd Money as shown in the above fig. Now after investing his valuable time and the effort if the customer not get the right product or getting some under privilege product or service the customer surly get dissatisfied and would not have ready to pay the money.The two first factor are extremely important  from a customer point of view as these are primary factor which invested before investing the third one which depends directly on the first two factors.The third is invested only when the customer gets right value for the first two factors i.e. Full courtesy from the seller , dignity as a customer, Attention from people who understands his needs and wants, understand that he is investing his time and effort . So the most important thing is that every businessman must understand the customer needs and wants and also thankful to the customer that he came to the seller for inquiry about his desired product. It doesn't matter , he would be ready to purchase the product or not. Seller must be obliged for customer visit. At least he got know about the shop or the service provider during his search for his desired product.The story doesn't close here, if the customer ready to purchase the product and get satisfied with the associated services like after sale service then here comes the opportunity to the seller to earn the profit along with the chance to create new customers as this customer refer the product or service to other person. But if the customer not satisfied with the product or the associated services then he may stop to create new customer. Here customer start open bad mouth. And a bad mouth stop three times more customers than to create  a new customer with a good mouth. 
From the above discussion , it is easily understand that customer invest his time and effort to grow the profit of the businessman not only before the purchase of product but also after purchasing the product or service. Hence a few businessmen consider a customer as "A King of the Market" or "God" who comes to give wealth and prosperity. Therefore they always ready to pay attention to their customers and might be this is the key for them to find the success to win the heart of customer.

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