Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Be in team and try to give your best...!

A village came under drought, everywhere was the situation of insecurity, children were dying from the scarcity of food and water. All the people had completely broken down by this natural calamity and at last when they found  no way they all were gathered near a temple in the village and praying to the God as they found this was the only support to live. God listen the prayer of all the villagers and came in the village as a Saint. All people sit down on their knees and and start praying to the Saint that only he could give a solution to come out from this terrifying situation. Saint told them that he has a solution but everybody  has to do this with responsibility other wise the solution will not work, Tomorrow the village would get a very heavy rainfall before the sun rise. All villagers promised for this to the saint. Now saint told them today after taking dinner everyone would come in the temple and pour a small glass of water in the feet of statue of the God. All the villagers were seemed very happy as they found the solution and they went to their homes.
Now in the evening in every home dinner was prepared with whatever be left in the home of the villagers. After taking the dinner, a villager just step out with a glass of water to pour it into the feet of God's Statue, suddenly a thought was came in his mind , " what happen if I do not pour the water, rest of the villagers are at least doing the same thing.?" All the villagers thought the same thing and hence no single drop had been pour in the feet of the statue of the God during the whole night. Next day early in the morning when no drop of rain had found in the village the villagers thought that the Saint lied to them. They collected and reached to the Saint and asked him that you had lied to us. "There is not rain till now.", Villagers shouted. Saint smiled very calmly  and replied that had anyone pour a single drop of water in the feet of statue of God. Now everyone was looking towards each other as everyone thought that what would happen if only he did not pour the water into the feet of statue of God.
The Saint replied all of you are victim of your poor and lazy intentions, if all were be in team and give only your best you would have got the rain but you did not do so. Hence you have to face the result of your poor act. And the God who came as a saint had gone.

Moral : Do your part of work with full responsibility and support your team members. Do not think what others are doing just give your best. God help those who take the full responsibility of their act on their own shoulders

Shakehand with Life

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