Thursday, August 25, 2011

We are not stupid common men any more.............!

It has been sixty five years after independence  that we believe in the politicians without thinking that one day they reached us at this juncture where our own nation is being feel by every Indian that he is the part of a most corrupt nation. We didn't expect about all this and always give them a chance to run the govt. on behalf of us(Common men) because we have to worried about our home, our daily routine jobs, so we chose some people and feel that they would run the country with changing environment and provide a better future for the coming generations. But  what actually we find today, they collected a huge amount of money in abroad banks, we always cheated by them. They put their decisions on us and never heard us after they got elected. They gave us a huge promises but in return what they gave us , more than 40% of the population is under poverty line, a huge no. of young generation is unemployed or working below their expected level of job and get exploited by multiple means, the farmers who have the courage to feed about 1.20 billion population are giving up their lives to death, the distance between rich and poor is so high that it seems that it never be filled , along with this the distance between bread to mouth is also increasing which is more critical than the first one, above all they put no. of taxes on us , which bent our back and it feels that one day we will fell down, along with this most of the govt. employees forget about to serve a common man as they think that who dare to ask them if they will not serve, they are asking for bribe as this is their birth right and they came out the womb of  their mother with this right. How much they want there any limit...............? 
After got elected what they gave us we accept it as it is the right thing, we never raise a voice against them, How do we dare to this? we never feel that we are living in a free nation, some time we scared by police , some time we scared by law, some time our common people induce the fear of the govt. in us. What is govt. in a democratic state? "The govt. is group of people who are being elected  by the common people and for the well being of the common people who elects them and they must have their accountability towards the common people who have elected them." But is the situation really so simple? No, its not, they have no accountability towards those who elects them, they have no concern for the farmers who are giving their lives to death, they have no concern for a common men who is daily giving bribe to a govt. employee even it is his primary right to take the services from a govt. employee. Govt. job is becoming the sign of  financial security, status and earning extra money in pocket , doesn't matter from which pocket it is coming? They have no concern over poverty, they have no concern over corruption in govt. machinery, they have no concern over increasing educated unemployed youth then what they are doing except to collecting money in their pockets. 

They give us all above mentioned even they promised for something else, but after sixty five years an old man asked to them give us what we want because we better know what is good for us but they clearly refused to him. First time a common man who is very depressed from inhuman conditions of his like common people asked to them  do what we want don't give us what you want in name of development and better future because we don't have courage remains to take any more deceit.

This is the voice of common men , Please listen it carefully, our patience is trying to leave us.

We are not stupid common men any more...........  


sm said...

very well written
agree with you

Narender Sharma said...

Thanks sm