Friday, September 30, 2011

MBA : More than a management degree

MBA ( Master of Business Administration ), A degree which help a person to get recognition not only in the the corporate world but also in the society. A platform to get multiple opportunities for earning a good lively hood. A degree which help you enter in your desired field of interest. The popular ones are Human Resource Management, Marketing Management, Production and Operation Management, Information Technology Management etc. A number of colleges are providing the degree and making the career of their students in their respective area. The demand of Management professional are increasing rapidly.  This is so happen because of the complex business environment. Therefore the new specific dimensions are coming in management programme , a few ones are  Retail Management, Quality Management, Power Management, Environment Management, Logistics Management etc. These are all sector specific  management programmes. 
The main issues related to the Management degree is that,  is it enough to get a degree in management? or want to take a degree to set a certain new heights in the field of management. MBA is just not a degree, It is an opportunity which able to make you best adjustment in current rapidly changing corporate and social environment. Environment around us is changing so fast that it quite difficult to understand the changes. Therefore it is very difficult to plan and  utilize the resources available to us. It takes a few days for a gadget or a technology to become extinct. Here the Management plays a key role in utilizing the resources according to the need for an individual , organization , country or for the world. Information is passing on lighting fast speed and this depends upon an individual that how he utilizes this fast changing information. Knowledge is Power and how a person get and utilizes this power this totally depends upon his/her capabilities. This can described as Knowledge Management.
Management simply described as the Best utilization of available resources, all these skills,  a student may learn in a management programme , It hardly matter whether he enrolls in regular or distance programme. The Important thing is whether he/she is learning the skill of Best utilization of available resources. 
At last it is more important to learn the skill of  Best utilization of available resources rather to earn an MBA degree as MBA is not just a management degree but something more than a management degree..........

Narender Sharma
Shakehand with Life

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