Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Are you really in Love? First confirm then commit.

A boy saw a very beautiful girl. The girl was so beautiful that his steps were start  automatically following the girl. His hearts beats increased. He commit himself if this girl agreed then definitely  he would marry with the girl. He started chasing the girl. Girl noticed him but did not give any welcome sign. Chasing the girl the boy had reached to the home of the girl. Here when the girl entered into her home she just passed a beautiful smile to the boy. Flowers were started blossom in the heart of  boy. He thought she definitely wants me, with this thought boy knocked the door. 
He saw a person of about the age of 55 came out and asked, " What can I do for you?"
"May I come in Sir?,  I want to talk to you about the girl who has just gone inside this house," The boy replied. 
The old man was the father of the girl. He said, " please come in my boy." The old man welcome him very respectfully and offer some breakfast to him.
Now the old man  asked the boy, " What do you want to discuss with me about my daughter?"
"Sir , I have seen your daughter and feel that this is the only girl with whom I can marry, I completely committed my life to her, allow me to marry with her otherwise I will die.", Boy replied. 
The old man asked the boy, " Are you sure that you have completely committed?,"  
"Yes Sir", Boy replied impatiently.
"Have you asked the name of my daughter?" the old man asked.
Boy replied with questionable eyes," No, Sir but it hardly matters,?"
"It seriously matters my boy because she can't speak, she is dumb." The old man replied with sadness.
"Now, if still you want to marry with my daughter then I have no problem with this relation." The old man said.  
 After listening this the boy started looking left and right and said, "Sir I want to think again." and the boy left the house and never turned look back to the same house in which he had committed himself for the girl.
The girl who was standing in the corner of the room and listening the conversation started crying without making any noise only some tears are rolling on her cheeks.
Her father grabbed her in his arms and felt the pain of the girl, who could't able to tell even her father.........................................................................................................

Do you think the boy was really in Love with the girl?
I am sure that he was not. He just committed with her beauty not with her Life.
Love doesn't mean to Living happily together,
Love means staying together in odd circumstance.
Love doesn't mean to living with goodness of a person,
Love means living with shortcoming of a person.
Love doesn't mean to carry happiness,
Love means carrying responsibilities of own commitments.

Narender Sharma
O/M and Blogger Shakehand with Life

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itz reality sir.