Sunday, October 9, 2011

Relationship Management

Scientifically life has evolved from a single cell, when cell replicated itself then from the multiple cells a tissue came into existence from these multiple tissues an organ has come into existence and from these multiple organs a human body came into existence, when the labour of work increased then this human body divided into two distinct parts called Male and Female. These two distinct parts are completely responsible for the whole human generation on this earth. These two distinct bodies are complementary to each other. They have very close relationship to each other we can't assume the progress of human life without absent of anyone. This particular community has called Homo sapiens ( Latin "wise man"). They were related to each other according to their sexual needs and had no defined relationship. As the humans increased in numbers a civilized society had been progress and some defined relations had came into existence like Mother (who give birth to a human baby), Father (Who is responsible for the birth of the human baby), Sister  and Brother (sibling of the same couple), Husband and Wife (who are related by some law or some custom to forward their family) and so many relationships came into existence like sister in law , brother in law, uncle and aunty etc. along with this a person created multiple relations with his/her want or unwantedly during his/her life span. Now the problem begun when a person not able to manage all the relations belongs  to him/her. Some time it is very difficult to maintain all the relations at a time and spread happiness among all. Few people said that it is because of the fast life that we are living. Life is going so fast that taking break for a moment is impossible for someone.
But I think that Life is not going fast, in fact we are carrying load of expectation of our relationships and the load is become so heavy that we feel that we are lagging behind if we do not run fast. This load creating a frustration in ourselves and as everyone running, so nobody has time to listen other. If one has a life span of 80 years then how can it be possible that his life will end before his 80 years provided anything wrong would happen to him. So the main thing is not that the numbers of years he lives during his life span but more important is how many lives one lives during his life span, in other words  how a person manages his all relationships. Below are few points which are helpful to manage and building a good and healthy relations.

1. Prioritize your relation.
Because you are in the center of all relation belongs to you that means if you forget yourself then nothing remains in your relations. You must think first yourself and give the time to yourself only. Some find how it is possible to find the time. I have face this question when somewhere I giving my lecture and I answered that daily you are going to washroom there may  be best place for you to find the time for yourself. All the persons are laughing very loudly but accept it. So first give yourself the first place in your life and then prioritize the others relations. This may be your wife , husband , brother , sister, girlfriend, boyfriend any maybe anyone else. You can prioritize on basis of your compatibility with other person who do not feel the burden of your relation.

2. Smile
A smile is always create relation whereas a contract lips may break the relation immediately. So try to have smile on your face and pass this to other as many as possible. Crack the jokes among your friends and laugh as much as possible this will build good relation along with a good exercise to reduce the tension in your life. This is a completely free of cost therapy to make healthy relation.

3. Take the life as it comes
To live life is an art. If always happiness comes in our way then our life becomes hell. So do not take the pain for  what will come next, in fact  enjoy what is happening at present. Next is directly depends on our present. Always ready to face the challenges which comes in our life. If you avoid these challenges then how would you say to your next generation that you have spent a life in which you did nothing except living a dull life only giving birth to few children. So take the life as it comes and face every challenge, if you win you will get healthy experience and if you loose then  this will make you strong provided you are not ready to  broken down.

4. Never break a relation from your side
To make relation is difficult but more difficult is to maintain this relation. Sometime  a small misunderstanding is enough to  harm your relationship and sometime a great difficulty can't able to break your relation. This depends upon the bonding of the relation. Never give any entry to any misunderstanding into your relation. If anyhow this happens please talk immediately to your partner and correct it.

5. Relation are depends upon the investment of feelings
Relation are directly depends upon the feeling which  invest by the persons with a hope of good  return of the feelings on the investment of feelings. No person wants to invest his money in such kind of institution which do not give return on the money and not able to keep it with utmost security. So same is the case of a relationship management if you do not return your feelings to others and do not keep the security of other's feeling then you may have lose the faith of a relation, which may very difficult to find again.

6. Develop listening habit 
Everyone wants that he must be listen utmost priority, if you have the ability to listen carefully and attentively then automatically the speaker will connect you and start showing his faith in you. To judge a person whether he is true to his words or throwing the words only in air is only decided by listening. So listening is another good habit to make good and healthy relation.

7. Categorize your relation
Try to categorize your relation like.

  • Personal relation
  • Professional relation
  • Intimate relation
  • Family relation
  • Relationship at workplace
Identify the category of relation and maintain the limits of that relation and never try to merge limits of one kind of relation with other kind of relation. E.g. if you are related with someone professionally then always give the dues in time what you have committed and do not try to find the grant of your personal relation if any kind exists there. Suppose a judge has to give decision regarding his son who found culprit of some crime and if judge is thinking like a father then can it possible that he will give judgement without any biasness. Never share your intimate relation with other this kind of relation needs very strong privacy until there is a need of any doctor's advise. Every relation has its boundary and if a person is in any kind of relation he must obey the boundaries of that relation.

8. Relations needs responsibility.
If a person is in a relation then he or she must carry the full responsibility of his/her  every act within the premises of that relation otherwise relation came at stage of break. Do not turn your head to face the responsibility of your relation. 

9. Love is the key factor of every relation.
Try to maintain the love and care of your every relation and to keep it warm occasionally show it.
The words like 
" I love You" 
"I care for you"
" I missed you"
" I find very nice to meet you"
"I am going to miss you very much"
These words make a space for you in other hearts for a long time.

10. Always give a chance to a new relation.
If you find 9 bad people and you make a decision that the next person which will come in your life to make a relation is also a bad one and you refuse to him without giving a chance to him/her, then remember one thing the cost of loosing a good person is very high in comparison of 9 bad people. 

I hope the article will be very useful to build a healthy and good relation.

Thanks and Regards
Narender Sharma (Blogger)
Shakehand with Life

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