Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Eight Stages of Industrial Cycle

Eight stages of Industrial Cycle
From a supplier a product or service needs to be passed through about eight defined stages before reaching in consumer's hand. These eight stages are shown in the fig. All these eight stages connect the supplier and consumer. Satisfaction of the consumer's is highly depends upon the process through which the product pass these eight stages, more over the supplier efficiency is also evaluate by this. These eight stages make a loop and this loop is named as "Industrial Cycle". To make sure that the right products are produced at the first time with zero defect, co-ordination between all the stages are important. As a result, TQM is the means to assure that customers will get what they want right first time, each time and every time. The eight stages of Industrial Cycle starting from marketing  are :
Marketing > Engineering > Purchasing > Manufacturing Engineering > Manufacturing Supervision and Shop Operations > Mechanical Inspection and Functional Test > Shipping >  Installation and Service. If the customer get dissatisfy when he do not get Right source, Right Time, Right Cost,  Right Quality, Right Quantity then supplier must workout on the eight stages of Industrial Cycle and find out the point of problem and remove it immediately. This way the customer always get the Right things and he will surly give his loyality to the supplier. For Quality Improvement it is necessary for a supplier that he must understand the Industrial cycle and trace it time to time for better delivery system and quality product.

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