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Juran's Quality Trilogy

Like Deming, Dr. Joseph Juran is a charismatic figure of senior age, born is 1904. Juran started out as an engineer in 1924. In 1951 his first Quality Control Handbook was published and led him international eminence. Chapter 1 of the book was titled The Economics of Quality and contained his now famous analogy to the costs of quality : 'there is gold in the mine'.
Juran's  Quality Trilogy 
Juran developed the idea of quality trilogy :
  • Quality Planning 
  • Quality Improvement 
  • Quality Control
These three aspects of company-wide strategic quality planning are further broken down in Juran's 'Quality Planning Road Map' , into following key elements 
  • Quality Planning 
  1. Identify who are the customers 
  2. Determine the needs of those customers.
  3. Translate those needs into our language.
  4. Develop a product that can respond to those needs.
  5. Optimize the product features so as to meet our needs and customers needs.
  • Quality Improvement 
  1. Develop a process which is able to produce the product.
  2. Optimize the process
  • Quality Control 
  1. Prove that the process can produce the product under operating conditions.
  2. Transfer the process to operations.
Juran concentrates not just on the end customer, but identifies other external and internal customers. His concept of quality is that everyone in the organization must also consider the 'fitness for use' of the interim product at each stage of production/operation flow. He illustrates this idea about internal customers via the Quality Spiral.

Customers==>Product Development==>Operation==>Marketing==>Customers==>Further Product Development==> and  so on ...........

Juran's work emphasis the need for specialist knowledge and tools for successful conduct of the quality function. He emphasis the need for continuous awareness of the customer in all functions.

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