Sunday, December 18, 2011

Management : Best Utilization of Available Resources

Once upon a time a Donkey had fallen in a dry well of a village and started crying. After few hours all villagers were collected there and saw that a Donkey was crying in the well. All were started suggesting to took the Donkey out of well but no Idea had been come into their mind. At last they leave the Donkey on the grace of God. One of them suggested  "please stop and think if the Donkey will die then the smell of the dead body will spread in the whole village and may be the cause of some disease, so we should through sand in the well, this way the Donkey will die under the sand and no risk of spreading smell of his dead body remain." All were agree with him and started digging the sand nearby the well and through sand by bucket  in the well one by one. After some time what they noticed when sand fallen on the back of Donkey, Donkey shake his back and the sand came under the feet of Donkey, slowly the Donkey up rised by a feet , when all villagers noticed they were encouraged and digging sand fast and through in the well , after a few hours the Donkey came out of well. All villager were very happy as they unknowingly save the life of the Donkey.

So the Learning is ..............
If you look around yourself then you will find many resources available but due to not know best utilization  of resource you underestimate it and so not find the solution of your problems and a situation of  mismanagement will create. The above story teaches us about management of resources.

Management is not  a degree
Management is not  earning a huge amount of wealth
Management is not  acquiring a position of Manager 
Management is not  selling a brand 
Management is not  running a big business house 
Management is not  crying for what you not have 

                         In fact  above all 

"Management is simply acquiring a skill of best utilization of available resources to create a solution for our problem."

Narender Sharma

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Deepak wadhwa said...

Sir thats true..We are having resources near by us.. But there is need to use them to get the benefit of those..

Narender Sharma said...

You are getting complete meaning of the above article. Good.......!

Anonymous said...

Good Example