Friday, January 6, 2012

Honesty is the Best Policy* - conditions apply

One day a boy was wondering on a sea beach with his wife. Both were looking very happy moving with each other keeping their hand in hand. Smile was flying on their lips time to time. No doubt they were living their quality time and these were the moments which were invaluable for each other. Suddenly a huge sea wave came towards them and took both of them under its control but anyhow boy was succeed to escape from the control of the sea wave. But he did not find his wife.  He shouted very loudly her name but no reply came. He tried to find every possible place near sea shore but all in vain. At last he sit down near sea shore and started crying. After a few moments God came out of sea and asked the boy
God : What happened my boy?
Boy(Crying) : How could I tell you ? I lost my lifeline. 
God : But how ? Please tell me. Perhaps I may help you.
Boy : A huge sea wave took my wife into deep sea, now I lost my wife and I can't live without my wife. She was very cute , she was my life, she was like my breath. I can't forget her beautiful face.... and then started crying  again.....
God : OK ,  I am trying.... 
and  the God moved  towards the sea and took a dip into the sea and came out with a very cute lady.
GOD : Is this your wife?
Boy : Yes , My Lord .... run towards the girl trying to take the girl in his arms.
God : Slapped hard on the face of boy .......You bastard! To see this beautiful lady you lost your honesty with in a second. Once upon a time the people were very honest and never loose their honesty at any cost. First listen to this story and tell me why have you lost your honesty?.
Now God was telling the story to the boy .
Once upon a time a woodcutter was cutting a dry and old tree near a river but suddenly his Axe  had fallen into the river. His Axe was his life line he could not leave  without his Axe as it was the only means of his earning. I reached there and asked the reason. He told me the whole story. I took a dip into the river and came out with a golden Axe and offered to accept it but he clearly refused " It is not mine, my Lord." I again took a dip into the river and came out with a silver Axe and offered again but this time he also refused and told me , "It  is also not mine , My Lord." I took dip into the river third time and came out with wooden Axe and offered him the boy accept this time immediately and started kissing on his Axe. I was very happy and gave all three Axes to him as a prize for his honesty. 
God : Do you get how much honest he was? But you are very dishonest person.
Boy : My Lord , I know the story but I am not dishonest, please listen my points. If I refused to accept this lady  you would have come with another one and again when I refused , you would come with my wife and give all three ladies to me as a prize.
But My Lord , in today's life where everyone is suffering from slowdown  and high cost of living please tell me, where it is very difficult to manage a single wife, how would I manage three wives? 
Everywhere lie is prevailing, Man is not ready to love Man, Corruption is running the countries, More you have money more you respected, People are not ready to love each other, everyone is looking each other with doubt, and more important, most of sins are happening by name of you, difference between poor and rich is expanding, honesty , trust , love , self respect are words of books.
My Lord, I am a low earning salary person, if you gave me all three ladies as a prize of my honesty then please tell me how could I pay the responsibility of three wives. Still if you believe that I am lying then I am ready to face punishment.
God replied with wet eyes : My boy, I didn't know the world has changed so much, you opened my eyes but your answer is  very true and honest. You must deserve your wife. Anything else do you want?
Boy : No thanks Sir, I always remember you if I get my wife.
God : Look at the sea..........

Boy was looking towards the sea , he just amazed that a lady in golden bikni was coming out of the sea. The boy was looking very happy, he hugged his wife and thanks to the God for his grace.

Now God started moving back but he had learnt a lesson , in today's world still..........

Honesty is the Best Policy*
                                                  but Conditions Apply

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Narender Sharma said...

Thanks William. Your feedback motivates me to write such kind of article.