Sunday, January 1, 2012

Quality Quotations

"Best utilization of available resources is called Management."

"Quality comes by means, not by results."

"Loss of a human is the most expensive loss as no one knows how great Idea he may deliver."

"Failure is the new chance to use your intellect."

"It is less matter that your decisions are right or wrong, rather to your ability of decisions taking."

"Destiny is nothing but all those circumstances which yet to be solved." 

"A question is more important than a good answer, if asked intelligently."

"Your first step decides that who will follow you."

"Your surname decide your legitimacy of birth but your style of work stand alone your name in this world."

"If old technology use with new thinking then results will be controlled and desired, but when new technology use with old thinking then results may be undesirable and uncontrolled."

"Love always creates miracle but it depends upon your intensity of love to your work."

"Human engineering is the most advanced engineering in recent times which will decide the future of existence of a human on this earth."

"To make Mistake is the virtue of a human and it decides that how much a human needs improvement in its work."

"Sky is the limit for those who can't able to think beyond the limits of sky." 

"Put yourself on the scale of time to measure your improvement in your life."

"Do whatever you want to do, but at end of your life when you replay your life, you must not regret on any wrong thing as you would not have any time to correct this."

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