Tuesday, February 14, 2012

When she touched my feet.............

Happy Valentine's Day
In reply of the contest Share your Love Story , I got many stories and a few of them  published in my blog  My Love Story, I would like to thanks to all those who shared their personal feelings with me and apologized to all, whose story did not get place in my blog. I promised to you that I would give you the love story which will touch you by depth of your heart on Feb. 14, 2012, with keeping of my promise I hope that you will like it and  if you had fallen in love with someone then keep the person in your heart like the character (Deepak Sharma) of this story have ,even after a long time.
I would like to introduce with this simple person who belongs to a village of District Bulandshahr: Uttar Pradesh, India. Name of this person is Deepak Sharma. Deepak is now settled with his family. He is quite happy with his family but he still has the pain of lost of his beloved even after 21 years. The story came to my knowledge by his friend Mr. Rakesh Sharma who is also the friend of mine. I deeply thanks to Mr. Rakesh Sharma who gave me such a great story. When I contacted to Mr. Deepak Sharma with ref. of Mr. Rakesh, He told me everything about his 21 years old love story and started crying. He still feel the pain with same intensity as he had 21 years ago. Here is the story and if this touches your heart please do write the comment as your feedback.

Deepak Sharma, District Bulandshahr; Uttar Pradesh India.
I (Deepak Sharma) , Rakesh Sharma and Krishan Kant Sharma were three friends and living in a small village of District Bulandshahr of Uttar Pradesh. All Villagers were called us as Som( Krishan Kant), Mangal(Myself) and Shani(Rakesh). Generally we found collectively with each other and we all know everything about each other. My love story started before I could felt it with a girl who was residing near about my home. In 1989, I was studying in B.A. 2nd year, and She was studying in Inter college. Many times I had seen her but never get noticed as a special one even the boys of my village were always gossiping about her beauty. She was also never gave a look to me. 
It was started on a day when I was taking milk from my buffalow, and she was gazing me continuously, when I turned towards her she  ran to her home. This childish act bent me towards her and I was started thinking about her. But never had a dare to tell her about my feelings for her. 
After about 4 months later, Krishan Kant and me were going to city and she was coming from the city with some villagers in a Tanga (A Horse driven carriage) , Kant urged me to tell about my feeling to her and gave me a small chit on which  three magical words had written "I Love You". Today it is very easy to share feelings to someone and get response with in a moment through mobile message, but after the chit had  given to her, my heart beats never became normal for about 4 months. When  I contacted to her with the help of Kant's girlfriend, she told me that she was not interested in me. But I tried again and after 3 to 4 try she agreed to accept that she also liked me. 
Here after we continuously started meeting with each other. One day when I put in her neck a garland of wooden pearls, she accepted me as her husband and touched my feet by taking her  piece of her Dupatta on her head. It was the most unforgettable moment of my life. My affair with her lasted for about two years and ended with her marriage to other one, even I tried each and every thing to convinced her family but they did not gave their consent. I completely broken down on that day. 
After her marriage she told me that I should get married. 
I asked her," She get happy if I would get married?"
She replied," No." 
I asked," Why?"
She replied," Because the place which should be mine, would fill by some other one."
After 10 years of her marriage I also got married with my wife and I am very happy with my family but she the place she made in my heart can never be fulfilled by any else other than her. But her sweet memories are still comes in my mind, I always pray for her well being. 

I always give my thanks to Mr. Sharma who has given me a chance to share my feeling with you. I understand Love is very important factor of human life. Without it you may survive but its like a fish living without water. 
I wish all the best to Shakehand with Life
Deepak Sharma

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