Sunday, May 27, 2012

Increased fuel prices: An unwanted problem for a common man

The breaking news of May 24,2012 was  Petrol price up by  Rs.7.54. It is not the first time which a  common man has to face such kind of situation. It has been happening time to time for a common man for about 10 years when the petrol price was about Rs.30/liter in Delhi. May 24, 2008 when the petrol prices crossed the mark of Rs. 50 in Delhi, and after that the increment has been the part of life of a common man. This increment always being the headache of common man as it disturbed his budget. This time hike is so high which seems difficult to come in control. Now the price of petrol is Rs. 73.18 in Delhi , Rs. 77.88 in Kolkata, Rs. 78.57 in Mumbai and Rs. 77.53 in Chennai. Nationwide protest has been started against the price rise, different political parties are giving their statement that they strongly oppose this price rise. Fuel companies are saying that they can't avoid this price rise as the value of Rs has fallen against Dollar to such a level where they have no option remains. The value of Rs.slips to 56.21 against one Dollar. All the trade is happening in Dollar so to purchase the fuel from International Market the oil companies have to pay more for same quantity of the crude oil.  
          But according to planning commission , a person who's expenditure is more than Rs. 66 in urban and Rs. 36 in rural is considered as above poverty line. Does this price rise affect his life? The population of this kind of people in India is about 30%  i.e. approx. 36 crore.  Who never able to purchase the fuel for his life. Does these fuel price make any effect on his life even he is not a direct consumer of the petrol or diesel? If yes then how does he affected? Let's understand this in step by step manner.
         Petrol is necessary material for all transportation system, if the price of petrol has risen then automatically the cost of per kilometer movement of the transportation will rise and it will affect the prices of the commodities which transfer from one part of the country to another part of country, if the cost of commodities will increase then automatically the expenditure of all classes will increase. These commodities have to be bought by this common man if he wants to survive. This way the life of a common man becomes more difficult. He becomes the consumer of the petrol indirectly and can't avoid to be the part of this game. Even few petroleum product are very much necessary for his daily life, like kerosene oil, wax etc. If crude oil becomes more costly even the cost of lightning of a candle in his home will increase. Govt also signals that in coming days the price of petrol may come down by about Rs. 1.50. But is this correction sufficient for relief to this common man? Some other political parties are calling the All India strike against this price hike.But my question is that all these measure are enough for relief for a middle class person or the person who belongs to below poverty line? I think these measures no way make any solution for this common man or middle class person. To call a Nationwide strike, the day of strike will be a non earning day for this common man, if he do not earn on that day it might be possible that in the evening no dinner would happen. Now the problem is how to compensate these fuel price hike in daily life and how to shield this common man from these price hike so that his bread and water would not affect. A liter of petrol if becomes costly means a glass of water may becomes difficult to inhale by this common man. What measure are to be take so that these price rise would not affect a common man. In my opinion few measures if properly executed then this price hike may not affect common man. Before suggesting these measure I would given some positive aspects of these price hike.
These price hike may force people to squeeze their demand of petrol which may lead to low pollution, These price hike may increase the monthly bill of petrol vehicle and due to this reason many people may  less use  their car , bike, scooter on road or some who intended to purchase a new car /bike /scooter may postpone or cancel. This leads to less no. of vehicles on the road and so burden of the vehicles on the road may reduce.I think these may be the positive gain for the environment point of view and increasing burden of vehicles on roads point of view. This may lead less wear and tear of roads.
Now the measure which shield the common man from the effect of this price hike.

  • Squeeze demand of petrol, this should be the responsibility of everyone. If the demand of more than 1 billion population squeezes then automatically the revenue which is spent on importing crude oil may also decreases and this benefits may transfer to the common man. but the  problem is how to reduce demand of petrol? In my opinion if we want to reduce we can reduce it. It is the matter of will only.
  • First step is use less no. of personal vehicles as much as possible. 
  • Use public transport as much much as possible. 
  • In local, prefer walking rather to drive a car or bike or any other personal vehicle.
  • Make a schedule for multiple task in one direction so that it may complete in a single round.
  • Young couple prefer long walk rather than to go on long drive this may give them opportunity of spent more quality time with each other along with saving petrol.
  • Prepare your advance plan of your visits at least for the week.
  • Prepare monthly budget of petrol and compare it for the next month, whether the next month bill cross the past month bill if so try to control it.
  • Understand by yourself and spread the word that the petroleum product are such kind of Natural resources which may finish one day. These resources will not go forever.
  • Stop the engine of the vehicle when it is not moving. Make habit of less use of clutch and brakes. 
  • Do not frequently sell or buy the vehicle. This will also increase the fuel demand.
  • Never try to store the petrol for next few days just because it will become cheap for you. It will not only increase the demand but it also risk to our life as it is highly inflammable substance.
  • Keep proper maintenance of your vehicle so that it will give more mileage.
  • Make a car pool for going office.
By practicing these measure we may contribute a lot towards our country as well as to the common man of this country. Govt. also promote intelligent use of petrol and if possible reduce the burden of taxes which is levied on the petrol and make it costly for common man in fact making his life more difficult to live. To give some money to a beggar, or doing social service just for status can not shield a common man from effect of increasing fuel prices. In fact it is responsibility of everyone to contribute in reducing the demand of petrol.

"If we save petrol today , tomorrow we may cover some more miles with smile in our journey of life."


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