Saturday, July 7, 2012

Does love depends on physical beauty?

Love does not depends upon the distance or nearness. We may be in love if we are distant apart  from some one, we may not be in love even living together with someone. We may be in love with some one who is not admitted as beautiful and smart on the other hand we may not be in love who admitted as beautiful and smart and good looking. Love may exist between those who have a big age gap like grandfather and grandson, Love may not exist between those, who are  almost same age group. Love may be exist in a relation of those who never physically intimated, but Love may not exist in a relation even physical intimacy happened several times. e.g. A person who is  going to a prostitute never feel anything close to his heart. This seems Love may  be anywhere or nowhere. But does love has any dependency on physical beauty? Before discussing this let's try to understand the physical beauty.

What is the physical beauty? 
When we are talking about the beauty about a human being then it is not a critical matter because Human in itself is a most beautiful creature on the earth. Then to raise the point of beauty about a human being is a stupidity. Beauty always lies in the eyes of beholder. If love is the matter of beauty then why many people feel alone even without their pets. Small children are very much fond of pets even they are not human being.
Now all you may have question, what is physical beauty? I will try to answer this, A human being has different body parts which have different kind of work assigned by the body to them like Eyes have the responsibility of seeing, Nose has to smell the things, Tongue has tell about taste, Hands have  carrying responsibility, Legs move our body , Abdomen  digest food, Heart is pumping our blood in our body, Mind the headquarter of our body has Interpretation and analytic work responsibility. When all body parts got from the nature are already well adjusted with each other and get proper maintenance then automatically a physical body looks beautiful. A most important factor of beauty is the smile on the face. It not only makes us beautiful but it also makes us acceptable anywhere. For example, If two person sitting together, one has smile on its face and other one is sitting with down face and you have to ask solution for your problem to one of them , I am sure you will be heading towards the smiling face because a person who already in a problem , How can he/she solve your problem?
So the physical beauty is defined by Healthy body and smiling face. But it will not guarantee about a long term relationship with some one.This only be happen by the beauty of nature of a human being, which includes the caring, regular communication, understanding, humanity, honesty, ability of accept other.

Form the above discussion love depends upon the physical beauty but its life depends upon the beauty of nature of a person. As the compatibility of the thought grow the intensity and the life of love will grow. But its true to make lovable and acceptable by most one should be careful about his/her physical beauty. It give  chance to someone come close you.

Hence be Healthy, Good looking and most important smile always to attract someone towards yourself.  


Online Auction said...

Form the above discussion love depends upon the physical beauty but its life depends upon the beauty of nature of a person. t's a truth of life.

iso 27001 said...

It's Depend on Heart and also love...

Narender Sharma said...

Those who are beautiful by their nature they always smiling and show welcome signature. That's why the people who are smiling get more love from the society, from their juniors and so seems beautiful and this beauty becomes the asset of their physical appearance.

Unknown said...

This is really helpful for my project thank you for helping me with❤

Unknown said...

I have a question in this era Tru love exist if exist then the girl love with face or soul?