Monday, December 24, 2012

Rape of woman: A dark spot on a civilized society

The recent happening of rape of a 23 years old girl in a bus on 16th the capital shock the whole country. The girl is under medical supervision and not out of danger. Many times she lost her conscious. She has undergone a terrible situation. If anyway she recover medically but can she live her normal life physically or psychologically? The incident of rape is not happen first time in this country but the brutality of this case shock the whole Nation in fact whole humanity. So many questions again raised on the security and  social respect of a woman in the country. We the Nation which shows a high value for a woman in its culture, but the fact what happening today is raising a question mark on our own culture.

A girl who deliver the life by taking the risk of his own life is criticized for every movement of her life by the society. Even in the case of rape many people of the society try to make her the cause of rape and pointing finger towards her, these are the people of sick mentality. A girl is being criticized as a girl, whether it is matter of her wearing clothes , matter of love , matter of selecting a partner for her for marriage, matter of  taking education, even she is criticized on her birth.

The recent rape event should seriously be condemned, no civilized society can tolerate such kind of event with a woman and justice should be given to the victim as soon as possible.

The whole event shock the roots of humanity, a very cruel picture of human came out from this crime. It is not only the matter of woman security or justice but it is matter of shame for all civilized society. How can a man be cruel to a woman with this extent? He become complete insensitive about physical and psychological pain of a woman during and after the crime like rape. 

Government is showing its solidarity on this ghostly crime and promising that they are going take enough measure for the security of woman. But the question is here what they have been doing for sixty five years, rape is not happen with a woman first time. Are they waiting for such kind of crime? 

A situation of  dissatisfaction spread everywhere in the country. Especially in  the capital, The young girls and boys have come out on the roads and asking for the justice for the victim. This kind of movement by youth has came into seen first time. They understand the pain of the victim, they are not the brother and sister of the victim but they are human and came out just by the relationship of humanity, as this crime of rape happened not only with a woman but it is the rape of humanity. They do not have a leader, in fact they are leader of their own. The incident of Lathi charge on these young brigade is  seriously be a matter of concern for the government because they have not come with any poor intention to making lose of government or public property. They are protesting against the government policies and measures which are not enough capable to provide the security of a woman in the capital.

Definitely the government should take the responsibility of this event and try to find the ways which ensure the security of a woman in whole country. The government ensure that the source of sexual agitation like  movies with vulgarity , posters of  semi pornographic and pornographic movies immediately be banned and  removed from the walls on every city in public places. These source are responsible for spreading a bad culture among youth and agitating to commit such crime. Sex is natural demand of youth but these vulgar sources urge the youth to adopt criminal ways to fulfill this demand. These kind of sources project the  image of a woman as sex fulfilling object. 

Equally at the same time it is the responsibility of the each person of the civilized society must understand the value of woman in the society. Every woman in the society must be respected as woman no matter she is a mother, daughter , sister , wife, or a friend of someone. She must be respected as woman for which she deserve for.   

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