Thursday, October 24, 2013

Time has come to adopt quality culture.

Standards Benefiting Indian Business at
Le Meridian, New Delhi
Today I had participated in an event organized by ISC (International Standards Certifications). The topic was "Standards Benefiting Indian Businesses". The chairman of ISC Tony Wilde delivered the welcome speech. Other Speakers were 
  • Elena Santiago Cid (Director General -CEN/CENELEC Brussels)- "How SME's in the EU benefit from international and Europeran Standards'"
  • Ross Wriaght ( Chief Executive-ISC, President, IFAN)-  "The path for indian businesses to convert standards into returns"
  • Atul Bahl (Lead Assessor NABCB)-"The benefits of accredited certification to indian businesses and new government initiatives"
  • Vishwadeep Khatri(CEO and Principal Consultant Benchmark Six Sigma)-"Using standards for buiness Impact -The lean Six Sigma way"
  • Sudarshan Madyam(ISC Global IT Program Director)-"Securing your information assets"+Modular Approach to auditor training"
  • Krishna Datta( FSMS Expert)-"FSMS-Future and Growth"
  • Bhartendu Dev (Uptodate Plastics)-Local Standards Success Story-"How standards are delivering real value.
    Elena Santiago Cid with Ross Wraight
All speakers throw lights on the various standards of quality and their benefits for Indian Businesses like
  • ISO 9001: QMS
  • ISO 14000: Environment Management System
  • OHAS 18000 : Occupational Health and Safety
  • ISO 26000 : Social Responsibility
  • ISO 50001: Energy Management System
  • ISO 31000 : Risk Management 
  • ISO 22000 : Food and Safety Management System
Mr. Vishwadeep Khatri with Mr. Bhartendu Dev
There is a standard operating procedure for every kind of process and this not only increase the quality of product but increase the customer trust in the organization also. It helps to achieving customer satisfaction,fast delivery with effective way, control the defects, address the issue of failure of output, understanding the lean six sigma etc. So if a business wants to run successfully then it has to applied a procedure of certified standards with universal acceptance so that it satisfy the customer worldwide. We are living in a civilized society and it is the social responsibility of every organization to deliver the quality goods. 

Panel of Experts
Some unfortunate facts come into picture after the panel discussion when a lady named Garima Bedi Arora asked a question " How to check the issue of avoiding audits by the organization after getting certification?" The panel of expert answer that it only be check if the intentions of person be check and it is about impossible to check the intention of an individual.

An organization can't sacrifice the quality for making some more coins in its pocket for long run. Every organization must understand the value of training and development in implementation of quality in its plant and service area. 
I think here we need to adopt quality culture in every area whether it is manufacturing or services we must understand the value of quality in every field. 

Every organization worldwide has to adopt a culture which produces the quality goods, A culture which understand the value of human, A culture which reduces the waste, A culture in which no one left a bite in its plate to avoid food waste,  A culture which is based on research and development, A culture in which quality is being understand and practice by everyone at every stage of life. 
Narender Sharma with Mr. Ross Wraight

Thanks and Regards 
Narender Sharma

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