Friday, March 14, 2014

A wife; that makes life

A boy want to get marry but he confused about the girl to choose as his wife. What kind of girl he should get marry? He asked to many relatives and friends but more answer he got, confused him more. He find himself in a puzzle. How should I get marry until I don't understand my choice about a girl?
One day he reached to a old age professor. He put his question in front of him, Sir, What kind of a wife should be?
The professor was very intelligent he understand the problem of the boy. The professor rather to explain him about a wife like; a wife should be beautiful, intelligent ........etc. etc., took him to visit his neighborhood. They both reached to a home. Professor knock the door; A healthy man with white tea shirt came out at the door and asked, "Hello Sir, What can I do for you?
Professor replied, "Please give me your Lantern for a moment."
The man called his wife, "Carry the Lantern for a moment."
A lady with normal features wearing night gown and a scarf came out at the door with teared lantern and hand over to the man and get back to the home.
The man give it to the professor. Now professor examine the lantern and replied that it would not work for me, anyway thanks and returned it to the man.
Now the professor moved and after 20 steps knocked the next door.
A man with smart looks came out at the door and said to see the professor, " Oh, Professor very nice to see you please come inside my home and have a cup of coffee, its my great pleasure."
The Professor and boy went in to home and seated in the drawing room.
They sit on a colorful sofa. A table on which a glass surface is mounted lying in front of them. A big wall painting was seen on the front wall in which a huge view of sky carved.
Both of them looking this beautiful drawing room, suddenly a beautiful lady wearing brown color Saree came in the drawing room with two cup of coffee. The boy was looking the lady with lighting eyes.
Suddenly the the man came in the room, The boy get shattered and siting carefully.
"What can I do for you professor?", Man asked the professor.
"I need your lantern", Professor replied
Man asked his wife to carry the lantern.
His wife replied with amazing eyes, " In such a day light what is requirement of a lantern?"
Professor replied, " I have some work please give it me if you have?"
Wife said rudely, " No, Sir I don't have any lantern."
"OK thanks for the coffee", Professor replied and getup with the boy.
The boy got very upset with this incident.
Now the boy and the professor reached at the door of third home
Professor again knocked the door.
A man of 40 years came out at the door and greets the professor and asked to come in.
After the initial formalities the man asked the professor, " What can I do for you?"
Professor again asked for the lantern to this man also.
The man asked to his wife to take lantern.
The wife of that man who has normal features wearing a blue color Saree and smile on her face came with lantern and said," Here is your lantern, have this match box also to light this, I have also check the kerosene inside it, it is full and ready to use."
The professor took the lantern and said thanks to both of them and came back to his home.
Now professor said to the boy, " Do you notice any thing about all three wives?"
Boy replied, " Yes professor the first wife was lazy and looking not so good, but the second one was looking very beautiful in brown Saree but she was rude in behaviour and third one was a gentle and cooperative."
Now professor explain the objective of this visit for the lantern;
My boy first one was a kind of lady who obeys her husband with closed eyes. Such kind of ladies never oppose to her husband for any deal but most of the times the husband get down for their act 'cause they never understand complete requirement her husband just follow him closed eyes.
The second one was a kind of lady who always question on the requirement her husband and never make any effort to fulfill the requirement and so the tension between the relation always remains.
The third one was a perfect wife who understand mission and vision of her husband and that's why she came with not only lantern but a match box to light it and assure the kerosene in it. Such kind of persons are always be happy and respectable status in the society.
But such kind of wife can be get only when you are clear to your mission and vision of life. It's not the matter of wife, if you are clear about the vision and mission of your life you are clear to requirements to achieve them and hence it is easy to select the desirable whether it's a matter of wife. The lady who understand your vision and mission of your life be the perfect one for you and will make your life.
And hence,............A wife ; that makes life.


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