Monday, February 23, 2015

7 Steps to Strategic Quality Planning

There are seven basic steps to strategic quality planning. The process starts with the principle that quality and customer and customer satisfaction are the center of an organization's future. It brings together all the key stake holders.
7 Steps to strategic planning

1. Customer Needs

The first step is to discover the future needs of the customer.

  • Who will they be? 
  • Will your customer base change?
  • What will they want? 
  • How will the organization meet and exceed expectations of customer?

2. Customer Positioning

The planners determine where the organizations wants to be in relation to the customers. 
Do they want to retain, reduce, or expand the customer base?
Products or services with poor quality performance should be targeted for break-through or eliminated. The organization needs to concentrate its effort on areas of excellence.

3. Predict the Future

Rate of change is continuously changing, hence the planners must be able to predict the future conditions that will affect their product or service. Demographic, economic, forecasts,and technical assessments or projections are tools that help predict the future.

4. Gap Analysis

This step requires the planners to identify the gaps between the current state and the future state of the organization. Statistical analysis, brainstorming are the tools for future predictions and gap identification, can be used.

5. Closing the Gap

By establishing goals and responsibilities are necessary to fill the gap.

6. Alignment

As the plan is developed, it must be aligned with the mission, vision and core values and concepts of the organization.

7. Implementation 

This step is the most difficult step in strategic planning. Resources must be collecting data, designing, changes, and overcoming resistance to change. Also part of this step is the monitoring activity to ensure that progress is being made. The planning group should meet at least once a year to assess progress and take any corrective action.

Strategic planning can be performed by any organization. It can be highly effective, allowing organizations to do the right thing at the right time, every time.

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