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7 QC Tools and SPC Training; 18 Dec. 2015 at Bahadurgarh: A Report

7 QC Tools and SPC Training

Dec.18, 2015 at Bahadurgarh

A training on "7 QC Tools and SPC" coursework was held on dated 18/12/2015 in Hotel Royal Choice Bahadurgarh, Haryana, India-124507.
This report includes the details of participating companies, event organization, schedule of the program and the glimpses of the training workshop at different point of time.


I sincerely pay my thanks to the participating companies and individuals in this training for learning of continuous process improvement tools
I would like to thanks to Mr. Pramod Deshpande, CEO, Nexgen Fluoropolymers Pvt. Ltd for approval given to the nominees to attend the training, and a sincere thanks to Ms.Tanu Chopra Asst. Manager, HR, for all necessary communication and coordination concern to nominees.

I would like to thanks to Mr. Avadhesh Mishra GM Operations, and Mr. G.S. Prasad Sr. Manager, HR and Admin, Roca Parryware, for approval and necessary communication regarding the nominees to attend the training.

I would like to appreciate Mr. Anil Makkar to nominate himself as individual to participate in this training.

I would like to thanks to all participants;
  • Mr. Naveen Gupta, Director, Nexgen Fluoropolymers
  • Mr. Vinod Jangid, AM R&D, Nexgen Fluoropolymers
  • Mr. Anupam Gogoi, Engineer, Quality, Nexgen Fluoropolymers
  • Mr. Ajay Kumar Jain, Sr. Manager, Production, Roca Parryware
  • Mr. Abhineet Kapoor, Sr. Manager, Quality Assurance, Roca Parryware
  • Mr. Abhimanyu Katoch, Manager, Industrial Engineering, Roca Parryware
  • Mr. Pankaj Pathak, Manager, HR, Roca Parryware
  • Mr. Anil Makkar, Sr. Supervisor, Production, STB Technologies,
 for their sincere behaviour and endeavour to learn during the whole training workshop

At last, I would like to thanks to all Hotel staff for their support and courtesy for creating a conducive learning environment.

Program Schedule

The whole training is divided into two session

Morning Session: 9:00AM to 12:30PM

Theoretical and Mathematical concepts

  • Mathematical definition and dimensions of quality
  • All seven tools of quality; Process flow chart, Check sheet, Histogram, Pareto chart, Cause and Effect diagram, Scatter chart, and Control charts with small exercise after every tool
  • Concept of statistical process control
  • Causes of variations
  • Investigating an out of control process
  • Basic concepts of statistics
  • Concept of normal curve
  • Process capability indices (Cp and Cpk)

Evening Session: 1:00PM to 5:00PM

Practical learning and Project work

  • Working with Excel templates for all 7 qc tools and spc
  • Case Study
  • Live project work
  • Learning evaluation quiz
  • Feedback 
  • Awarding participation certificate
A networking lunch and morning and evening tea with snack also given to all participants

Team Ashoka (left) and Team Chankya (Right)

Glimpses of the event

Participants were divided into two teams;
  • Team Ashoka and 
  • Team Chankya

Working on projects

Team Chankya working on their project

Team Ashoka working on their project

Mr. Abhimanyu and Mr. Pankaj presenting their team project

Mr. Abhimanyu Katoch and Mr. Pankaj Pathak from team Ashoka presenting their team project on "Overtime Reduction"

Awarding Participation Certificates

To Mr. Naveen Gupta
To Mr. Abhimanyu Katoch

To Mr. Abhineet Kapoor
To Mr. Ajay Kumar Jain

To Mr. Anupam Gogoi
To Mr. Vinod Jangid

To Mr. Pankaj Pathak

To Mr. Anil Makkar

Recommendations and Suggestions

All participants are recommended to identify the problem and start a continuous improvement project at their workplace benefiting to the organization.
Suggested projects are

  • Reducing defects level
  • Increasing productivity
  • Reducing waste
  • Reducing overtime
  • Improving work process
  • Reducing customer complaints
  • Reducing delivery time

Report by

Narender Sharma
Program director and Training facilitator
Call: 9468267324, 8684861131
Websites: www.shakehandwithlife.in, www.shakehandwithlife.puzl.com,