Friday, February 24, 2017

7 QC Tools Video Tutorials

Process Flow Chart

Process flow chart is the pictorial presentation of the actual process. A chart showcasing the flow of the product or service in an actual process. Standard symbols showcase the different activities of the process connecting by means arrows on a process flow chart.

Check Sheet

Check Sheet is a paper tool used for data collection. Defects and defectives or anything else with predetermined headings can be counted using tally marks on the Check Sheet.
Histogram is an SPC technique. It is a graphical tool that represents the data values with the help of vertical rectangular bars. Height of the bars is corresponding to frequency of the data values.
Pareto chart is the combination of bar chart and line graph. It is a graphical tool that represents the actual data in descending order using bar chart and cumulative data in ascending order using line graph.
Cause and Effect diagram is a root cause finding technique and very important quality tool. It is also known by two other names; Fishbone diagram and Ishikawa diagram.

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Scatter Chart

Scatter Chart is a graphical tool, correlates two variables, one is independent and other is dependent. It is dot plot corresponding to independent vs dependent variable. The tutorial explains why does a Scatter Chart use as a qc tool? How does a Scatter Chart identify and analyse the relationship between two variables?

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Control Charts

Control chart signifies the process variation, when data goes beyond control limits, and inspires the process owner to identify the assignable causes of variation in the process to take immediate corrective action to control the process. This tutorial explains; Why does the control chart use as qc tool?, What are the types of control charts?, How do the different control charts for variables and attributes like; Mean Chart, Range Chart, P-Chart and C-Chart, analyse the data and help to control the process?

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