Tuesday, March 1, 2022

Strongly Condemn the War Anywhere!!!

In the middle of the twentieth century, the reason for Hitler's defeat in the Second World War was Soviet Russia, later Hitler committed suicide... That's one thing.
Then perhaps even Hitler would not know that by committing suicide, his idea of ​​winning the world would not die, but with the rise of the 21st century, Hitler would be seen all around in the world.

Bhagat Singh says, "Man can be killed but his thoughts cannot"
This is absolutely true, but this was said in the context of the overthrow of power by the oppressed people and this idea laid the foundation of communism in Russia under the leadership of Lenin in 1917 by ending the Tsar Shahi.

But it was from the womb of the pain of the defeat of the First World War that a person like Hitler was born in Germany, who under the flag of the Nazi regime set such an example of barbarism that even the soul of the listener trembles, and it is difficult to believe, that there must have been such a person in this human world who had played the orgy of death openly on the soil of Poland.

After turning the wheel of time after 100 years, it seems to have come again, the dream was to control the world even 100 years ago and after a hundred years it is the same thing.

Capital was in the roots at that time and still there is capital at this time again.

But this time Hitler is seen in power all around.

Don't know where and how brutally the orgy of death will be played !!

 Strongly condemn the War Anywhere!!!!

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